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Of Rivers that Run backward

Imagine this

An adaptation of Pride ans Prejudice with some tweaks....

first...the story is taking place in Turkey, in one of the most beautiful places in that country....just breath taking scenery...
second..the two families had a tragic history between them , and so many hidden secrets.
Third ....the hero is full of pride and arrogance and lots and lots of anger, he is Demir, that of the iron heart.....a man used to shoulder everybody's burdens, and keeping his emotions locked inside....until he stumbles on a peasant girl with firey eyes and temper.....and his life is turned upside down...

Fourth..the Heroin is stubborn, outspoken and so beautiful she is Asi...named for the river that runs backward..defiant,....she carries her emotions on her sleeves, and she hold her heritage and pride in the highest regards.....but love...love has a funny way of dealing with her.

so what happens when two stubborn gorgeous people, with sizzling chemistry fall in love???

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KHAN touch this!!!!

I am not a big fan of fan videos,  except for few ones, they are ususally bad edited videos with worse music that doesn't fit the footage,but this one is is very well done, it's witty, well edited, and the synchronization is out of this world.
first...the beginning is pure genius...

then all the clips used are from my favorites SRK movies, and my favorite songs, also...does anybody else think that Farah Khan reached her peak in Chaiyya Chaiyya?...because the movements in the other songs look recycled, I am glad she is a director now,  she was losing her touch as a choreographer.

SRK though rocks as a dancer! I don't care if Hrithik has a better technique, SRK  steals the show every time he starts dancing!

Madz is back!

I am not a Madhuri Dixit pagli, but I do love her grace and talent, I don't think hse is the best dancer in the world, but their is poetry and beauty in her motion that makes her among the best in my book, I really don't like dancers with perfect techniques ala Hrithik Roshan, because their dancing ultimately looks rehearsed and practiced, people like Madhuri just bring  life  o the music and the lyrics.
Any way, her comeback film Aja Nachle is coming out soon, and is written by the man who wrote CDI and BnB, and frankly after CDI , this may be the best film from YRF.
here is Madhuri in one of my favorite songs in Devdas, everybody loves Dola Re, which I think is overrated, I like this one better.....amazing dancing and emoting. Devdas.-.Maar.Dala

As for Aja Nachle,  this promo makes so happy in the inside :D...and so envious of people who can dance like that!
what a treat seeing this on the big screen will be!!

Why Watch Om Shanti Om???

because of so many thing.....SRK, the music, the story...and..because of a song that has all the Indian film industry making an appearance!

with thanks to Palacerani of srk.org

Ajab Si promo

well...here we go, the first song promo from Om Shanti Om.
At first I thought the song was just OK, but I started liking it more and more, and I love the visuals.

Chak De India

I loved it...I don't know what more to say, I will not wax poetic about how good this movie was but one thing that happened to me while I was leaving the movie theater is that I realized that I loved it for no reason, I usually have to think why I like or dislike a movie, on rare occasions I get some movies that don't need explanation, they work , and they click with me, and this was one of them.

The film is predictable sure, it's a sports movie after all, but the beauty of CDI is that it takes the predictability and the clichés head and rise above them, the tale of the underdog team with their coach offers also an insight into woman's sports in India, the fanaticism of sports fans, the volatile mix of sports and politics, and a great tale of redemption, ambition, and the need to prove one's self.

This could have been the recipe for a preachy movie, and CDI never was that.We know about Kabir Khan's anguish and anger because it's always simmering under the surface, no big speeches about Muslims in India and their rights. We know about Preeti Sabrawal's need to prove her self against her smug fiance without a big speech about the rights of women to be independent , but by showing a fierce competition with the equally fierce Komal...and so it goes on.

Shimit Amin did a great job of saying so many things withing two hours and still maintain a great pace for his movie, and he gave us an entertaining, emotionally uplifting , and thrilling ride.

SRK in the hands of good script writers and directors is magic, he proves in CDI, he sinks his teeth into this role, many people talk about how good is he in expressing with his eyes, it was never better like in CDI, there are so many things going through Kabir Khan's mind and we are only left to speculate, because the aura of mystery about him is maintained through out , and I loved that.We see him angry, sarcastic, and a complete SOB to the girls, to the last scene where his team is celebrating and he can barely stand, a mix of relief, joy, and sadness. It was a great risk for SRK to do this movie, he is completely gone away from his image in CDI, I loved him as Kabir Khan.

I watched CDI is an old theater in Salt Lake city with balconies, and the audience I was with was about 70% Indian, they were so into the movie, they cheered , and clapped, they sang and were tense at moments, it was a fantastic night at the movies.
I left the theater with a huge smile on my face.

This is a great movie, and it's worth seeing  and appreciation.

and now for the customary fangirl moment!
The man looked HOT....... beard, jeans, sweaty T-shirt and hoodies...make it happen every movie, I think SRK is best de-glamorized *coughKarancough*
and he runs!....sigh

Om Shanti Om

Farah Khan i an Indian director who made the hilarious spoof MHN( main Hoon Naa), she is at it again with a bigger spoof of BW starring SRK,  a new actress, and every body and his brother who works in BW.

The film has an incarnation theme, about a junior artist( Indian term for extra), who dies in the 70 and re incarnated as a big BW star again. A friend old me about a scene where SRK's character Om, is nominated for 3 Film Fare awards ( India's Oscar) and they show three clips from the 3 movies where he says the same exact lines to three different girls.

well...count me in! :D

and here is a sneak peak  trailer..


That why I love this man...because he makes weak in the knees with pics like these:D

New loves, old ones, and my Holiday plans

So what happened with me lately?

before I went to see Don today I watched another film where the protagonist was a hunted man with double identities,amazing abilities, and multiple agendas...you think I watched the old Don? naaaah.. I watched The Bourne identity, one of my absolute favorite film ever! Ever since I knew Frahan was to remake Don, I was hoping he will take the Bourne identity rout and not the MI one, and to my delight he did!!.
The film worked for me on so many levels, and the most important one is the twist , it suits our times, we live in a harsher, more cruel world where innocents like Vijay are squashed by the powerful,the film's cold atmosphere matched it's cold ending, the only vibrant scenes with colors and pure happiness where with Vijay celebrating Ganpati. The twist made perfect sense, and it also revealed a convoluted sense of irony. Everybody was not who they are, and everybody was conning everybody, and the biggest Con of all was Don taking down the competition( Vardhaan, Mac, Narang,Singhania), he said to Narang in the vault that where he wants to go requires fast methods..and sure he did use fast methods, and speaking of the vault, was that the scream I saw? Cheesy....damn but I love Farhan so much for those touches.
the other level why this film worked for me was how the characters where drawn out, and I start with Don, because ultimately the film Hinges on Don.Don was a total psychopath, his enjoyment in killing people and lack of remorse was fascinating, one scene that stuck with me was the bathtub scene, where Don is watching his cartoons when he is informed about Ramish's betrayal, there was this look of disappointment on his face that I didn't know if it was because Ramish betrayed him or his cartoons are interrupted.He killed Ramish with such delight..it sent a chill down my spine.
but the brilliance of Don's characterization comes later when we think he is Vijay, Don's surfaces from time to time in a subtle ways, when he regains his memory and boasts about enjoying killing them all, or when Jasjit tells him that DCP Da silva is actually Vardhaan, we see the scheme formulating in his head, the last hurdle in building his empire will be removed.
and despite all that..i couldn't but fall for the charm of Don, he is stylish, articulate, sophisticated, little off-kilter, little unhinged, and raw..when he talks people listen, and when he is in a room people pay attention. I was reminded with another evil character that had the charm and he diabolical actions of Don, and that was Frank Costello played by Jack Nicholas in The departed (2006), you can't but hate him as an evil guy, but you also can't but laugh at his antics, and admire the mind and the charm of the evil master .

Technical aspects:Everything about this film tells that the filmmakers paid great attention to every detail, the cinematography was top notch, the camera work was fantastic, and the editing was superb( I wish I had more technical knowledge to describe those aspects), everything worked..that's all I can say.The FX and stunts were top notch, Red Chillies has improved so much since Paheli and MHN, those were not on bar with HW exactly, but they were damn close. The dialoges of this film are also worth mentioning, because they were all written with double meanings all over the place...I need to see this again...and the dialogs are one of the reasons.

The music and picturization: every song was placed perfectly in the film, and all of them moved the narrative forward, and the picturization was almost perfect( except for YMD). KP got the highest cheers in my theater, I personally loved MHD, something about the decadence and sheer corruption of the gang was portrayed with elan in that Song...and SRK turning on the charm was all the fan girl in me needed...and speaking of fangirly moment..

*Fangirl squeeee::SRK was HOT!!! damn the man is fine....Collar bone and floppy hair Galore!!!*End Fan girl squeee!

the background music needs to be released ASAP..because I want it!!

SRK: He was Don, Don of 2006!! , I can't possibly imagine who else can pull this off...and please..Akshey Kumar is not an option,SRK was excellent as Vijay, funny, street smart and very naive, but as Don? he gave a power performance that will be mentioned among his best when it's all said and done. The maniac look of a truly evil man is what makes SRK among the  most talented actors today, he fooled the gang, the police...and me!:)
Arjun Rampal: I loved him in this, his pain was real, and his rage was boiling one of his best performance.
Boman Irani: DCP Da Silva was dull, methodical, and boring, Vardhaan was cocky, arrogant and despicable. Amazing actor with fantastic performance.
Priyanka Chopra: I loved her as Roma, strong yet warm, and her goodness shines through, she looked amazing with SRK.
Om Puri: very one dimensional, but the film didn't need Malik to be complicated .
Ishaa Koppikar: didn't have much to do, but her spunk was there.She looked sexy as hell, and the dress in Aaj Ki raat? awesome!!
Kareena Kapoor: looked sexy and seductive, but was let down by the clunky dance moves she was given.

and Finally...Farhan Akhtar: the man behind this excellent movie deserves every bit of praise, his vision was clear , direct, and very apparent, there is such enthusiasm and energy in Don , that comes from him, the flow of the film was excellent, I loved all the extra story lines.For a young director, he keeps improving and impressing, I just can't wait for his next venture.

Audience reaction: The Indian population in Utah is a new one , so most people are professional young people, what I am trying to say that there wasn't much children, and the audience was mostly young families or college kids who appreciated the action sequences, and the twist very much, there was a huge cheer when SRK said Don at the beginning, there was also a huge cheer for Kareena and Priyanka. KP ot a huge cheer, and people laughed at the funny lines, and the twist produced a big gasp in the theater. I had an American friend who watched Don with our group( his Indian wife dragged him to his first BW film in the theater) , he "dislikes" BW films, and I was afraid he will make fun of Don, he was so damn impressed, he loved it!

verdict: excellent is an understatement about Don, brilliant, well done, and awesome!! how about that?? Grin