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Of Rivers that Run backward

Imagine this

An adaptation of Pride ans Prejudice with some tweaks....

first...the story is taking place in Turkey, in one of the most beautiful places in that country....just breath taking scenery...
second..the two families had a tragic history between them , and so many hidden secrets.
Third ....the hero is full of pride and arrogance and lots and lots of anger, he is Demir, that of the iron heart.....a man used to shoulder everybody's burdens, and keeping his emotions locked inside....until he stumbles on a peasant girl with firey eyes and temper.....and his life is turned upside down...

Fourth..the Heroin is stubborn, outspoken and so beautiful she is Asi...named for the river that runs backward..defiant,....she carries her emotions on her sleeves, and she hold her heritage and pride in the highest regards.....but love...love has a funny way of dealing with her.

so what happens when two stubborn gorgeous people, with sizzling chemistry fall in love???



TONS of angst, tender moments, fighting and making up, emotional outbursts, and a romance that makes me obsessed..

what's more...this is a Turkish drama, so there is certain bounderies about sexuality...you would think that would hinder the sexy scenes....Hell no...it just makes it so much hotter and sensual....

Asi and Demir just light the screen togther

add that the story is really good, with great secondary characters( her sister falling in love with his best friend...only with a great twist in the story)

and this has officially became my favorite drama of the year


judge for you self